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Locked yourself out of your car?

   We've all done it! - we can gain entry to a full range of makes and models, within minutes   

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We are equipped with a very wide range of lock picks.

We offer a mobile vehicle entry service:

  • Non destructive entry

  • Usually within 15 minutes

  • We'll cut you a spare key if required

Responsive, Trained and Affordable.

It happens to all of us!

  • We visit you in our mobile workshop

  • We pick your lock and cut a new blade 

  • We program the new key to work with your car's immobiliser

  • We synchronise your new keys with the remote locking function 

  • We cut a new key blade

  • We program a new transponder chip for your new key

  • We synchronise your new key with your car's remote locking system

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